SOMEONEhas to tell it like it is.





Scott talks about how recently indicted Philadelphia political boss, John Dougherty, spent millions putting his people on the PA Supreme Court and in the Governor’s mansion.

-with Scott Wagner

While there is no shortage of ho-hum talking heads on TV, the realities of government remain a mystery to everyday people who have scarce access to the plain truth.

After four years in the PA State Senate and two years as a candidate for governor, Scott Wagner has seen and heard it all. Along the way, he developed a well-earned reputation for telling it like it is.

With the power of occasional 30-second videos, Scott Wagner delivers the plain truth to people who can use it.

-when public officials lie,

cheat and steal.

Everyday people are left in the dark because public officials — who talk too much, for too long — say very little.

They use “shop talk” that most everyday people don’t understand leaving many to falsely conclude they’re just not smart enough.

With 30-second videos, and heaping helpings of plain truth, Scott gives insight and understanding to people who’ve intentionally been shut out of the debate.


“Every day people get left out by public officials.

This has to change.”

-Scott R. Wagner


when Scott tells it like it is.